Here you can find some answers to your questions regarding Clinical Trials.

1. What is a clinical trial?FAQ

2. Why participate in a clinical trial?

3. Who can participate in a clinical trial?

4. What happens during a clinical trial?

5. What is informed consent?

6. What are the benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial?

7. What are side effects and adverse reactions?

8. How is the safety of the participant protected?

9. What should people consider before participating in a trial?

10. What kind of preparation should a potential participant make for the meeting with the research coordinator or doctor?

11. Does a participant continue to work with a primary health care provider while in a trial?

12. Can a participant leave a clinical trial after it has begun?

13. Where do the ideas for trials come from?

14. Who sponsors clinical trials?

15. What is a protocol?

16. What is a placebo?

17. What are the different types of clinical trials?

18. What are the phases of clinical trials?

19. What is an "expanded access" protocol?